Tracey Walker Speaks!

5 Marketing Secrets To Help You Attract More Customers And 10X Your Sales

In this post, what I’d like to do is break down HOW to actually create a process that can sustainably help you to easily and in a non-techy way use the amazing power of the internet to attract more customers for your business and 10x your income, so long as you remain consistent.

Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues Ep. 4: Amateurs Don’t Make Professional Money

Everybody wants to be rich..but nobody wants to go through what it takes to get there. So I decided I’d just share a little story with you about how amateurs and professionals handle things totally different..

Components To Sustain Your Online Business Part 1 – Effective Email Marketing

I want you to be able to sustain a long term biz. So the very 1st component that we are going to discuss to help you do that is your email follow-up AKA email marketing.

Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues Ep. 3: Motivation

Before I became a mother, I heard mom’s always speak of how much they were willing to go to then ends of earth and back for their kids. I understood the logic behind, but I never the EMOTIONAL side..until now…

5 Components To A Successful Online Business: Part 5

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have traffic, like that of a busy NYC street, flowing directly to your website? In today’s training I want to talk to you about the coveted area of traffic, something that your business can not live without!

Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues Ep. 2: The Queen’s Speech

In this week’s episode of “Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues”, I tell a story of tapping into your personal power..speaking your world into existence and honoring the calling upon your life.

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