Well if you've been in the internet marketing game for at least the last 6 years or so like me, then you know "systems" and "tools" to help one promote their business flash on the scene every 5 min..

And before you can even sneeze, they are gone, and/or the excitement behind them is lost and are no longer effective.

Unfortunately, and I am publicly sharing this, that is how I initially viewed the iPAS2 marketing system.

I know, I know...wrong of me.  I get it!

However I have been trained by so much of the garbage people create attempting to help people as they say, but yet doing nothing more than getting an income off of people who in  no way end up better after using the system than they were before.

But I will say this..

Chris Jones.

He is a man I respect and work with and I knew it wasn't some rinky dink system he was spending his time and money creating...but something inside me said "just wait...and see how this one pans out."

So that's what I did.

Now I'm asking, "WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT?!!" LOL

The point is this..

  • I noticed that many of my colleagues, 7-figure earners like me were using the system.
  • Then I turned around and many of the leaders within my own network marketing organization was using the system.
  • I looked to the left and to the right, and my own Leadership Council was using this system!

And I just couldn't stand NOT knowing all the details or intricacies of what seemed to be so great about iPAS2.

So I decided last Saturday afternoon, to take the time to look at it, and give it a fair shot.

To measure it on it's own merits and it's merits alone.

So I got a signup link, took the $7 trial (what harm could that do) and go through the process that my prospects would go through IF...IF I decided to go full steam ahead with it.

I was absolutely blown away with what I began to experience.

1st: The video on the landing page of the system is authentic.  It's real and there's no hype.  It's just the story of why Chris created iPAS2 and how it's helped others who began using it in the initial iPAS launch phase.

The cool thing was that I could watch that entire video without having to put in my email address first.  Something you don't seevery often in my world!

From there I could decide whether there was enough compelling information shared that resonated with me before giving my email and moving to the next step.

2nd: I entered my email address and began watching another video that talked more about the system, how it worked, what it was created to do, and how it was going to help me and others.  The testimonials that some of the successful people provided were heartfelt... and wow, they were actually making some money with it!

The video went on to offer me an opportunity to "TRY IT OUT' for myself..with no obligation and no commitment.

Now I don't know about you, but when I come across NO-RISK offers like that, where I am actually interested in learning and seeing more...it's a no-brainer to take advantage of it.

And just to be clear, to "TRY IT OUT" wasn't free, but it was doggone close..

A whopping $7 to get on the inside of the iPAS2 Marketing System and test it out first!

So I couldn't resist..

3rd: I paid the $7 because I just had to know more!

I loved the way I was being sold on this product..it felt good..and I believed that those speaking on the video wee telling the truth.

So I bought!  (I love to buy stuff...don't you?!!)


4th: Once that purchase was complete, they gave me another opportunity to obtain a training product at a low cost..and I bought that too, for like $97 I think..can't remember..but it was something inexpensive like that.

5th: From there, I entered into the training aspect of the iPAS2 and that is really where the gold was shining.

I watched every video...every last one...

As the system was broken down even further.

They showed me the current internet marketing model MOST people are taught and why it doesn't work..

Then they showed me the model that only a select few marketers know about and use and why that one rakes in millions of dollars for those who use it instead.

Chris talked about how profit maximizers accounted for 60% of his total income and went into detail on what those were and how to align with some of the most profitable ones in the marketplace today.

They went over the pay plans and made it very clear how to use iPAS2 with the profit maximizers to earn an income that chould change one's LIFE!!

I mean after all of that, I was IN..I was SO IN!!!

So I decided at that moment to fully commit to iPAS2 and to openly endorse my alignment with and usage of this awesome "new age" funded proposal that would put money into my pockets in a way I had never put it in there before, and I was excited about that!!

I proceeded to setup my acount, link up my autoresponder, get my profit maximizers and turn on the traffic switch! (they give some GREAT traffic sources as a bonus in there as well!)

As a Black Card member (you'll learn more about that as you go), I now have coaches working on my behalf to assist my members with setting up their game plans, answering their questions and being that hand-to-hand coach so I could focus on doing the one thing any of us get paid for...

Producing more results!

Listen, I don't endorse much

I don't advise my team to sign up for every little thing that pops up.

Hell, I don't even want to know about the stuff out there distracting people most of the time..

Yet iPAS2 is different.

It is a TRUE system, one that is automated, one that will systematically do the selling and telling of what it is FOR you..so all you have to do is get eyeballs on that very first video.

And the cool thing is that once you're a member, you even have training that SHOWS you HOW to get those eyeballs on the video!!

It doesn't get much better than that.

So all in all, I am proud to say the iPAS2 Marketing System rocks and is in my book the best frikken model out there for network marketers (designed by network marketers) to succeed online.

No longer is it a daunting task..

With iPAS2, once you take the time to go through the information and get educated, you can just go!

And when you can get into your car, turn on the ignition, back out of the driveway and JUST GO, with no obstruction..it's the best feeling ever!

So if you are craving for something to help you make more money in an online business, something that is truly automated, something that trains you, educates you and PAYS you..


It's sure not to disappoint!

Thanks Chris and the iPAS2 team for creating this for marketers like me..

I look forward to reaching the rest of the world by sharing my vision and passion with the help of iPAS2!!

Just go try it out for yourself..and get off this page now!!

You've got nothing to lose...


To your massive success,


Good day friends!

Today I come to you with great news and excitement.

CapBuilder Talk Radio show will have me as a featured guest tonight!

Sept 15, 2014!

You can join me and listen in LIVE HERE!

As you know the industry of internet marketing and network marketing is a bit of mystery for most.

Some people get started in the industry and quit faster than the dust can settle from the purchase that they immediately wanted refunded! LOL

And you know what, I understand that sometimes new things seem a little scary, a little difficult and maybe impossible at times.

But the truth is that this industry is easier than being a medical doctor, than being an engineer, heck it's even easier than being a secretary!

How you ask?

Well mainly because it is a simple follow the leader type of model.

Remember that game "Simon Says"?

Well if "Simon" says blog, then you just do it.

If "Simon" says make this exact post on FB, then you just make it.

That's not the hard part. That's easy, right?

The hard part is that most people DON'T BELIEVE that these types of actions implemented consistently and daily can actually produce an income greater than you could ever earn at a job.

The reason why is because society has convinced us that making money is hard.  And that to make more money one must work harder. (What a crock-of-BS!)

The hard-er part is that most simply won't even do it.

Quite sad actually.

However tonight (Sept 15, 2014) at 8:30pm est, I will be a featured guest on CapBuilder Talk radio show talking about some of these issues and how to overcome them.

Listen, network marketing combined with internet marketing not just saved my life, it created the lifestyle me and my family live that most can only dream about.

So I want to share with you how you can start to put the pieces together in this industry for yourself to walk in and live your purpose.

See network marketing isn't the end all be all of life.  It is just one of those building blocks that can help you to generate the income you want and need to to the things you REALLY want to do in life.

So join me tonight on CapBuilder Talk radio tonight where I will give the truth to you with no holds barred!

I look forward to connecting with you tonight and I hope you tune in to something positive and beneficial to your entrepreneurial journey and success!

See you on the radio!

To your success,


P.S. You can tune in to tonight's show a couple of ways.

A. Go to CapBuilderTalk.com and follow the instructions to listen via your computer


B. CALL IN To NUMBER: 917-932-1078 and listen from your phone!


In life you have friends who have dreams, and then you have friends who are DREAMERS!

That's exactly how I would describe my friend since the age of 13, my sister and fellow entrepreneur Kurrin Beamon, founder of the Chicago restaurant "19 Paul".

Take alook at her being featured on FOX news in Chicago recently:

As long as I can remember, maybe over 10 years back, even more, Kurrin always wanted to have her own restaurant.

Now let me just say, this chick can cook as it is..so it was always something I could see her doing, and believing it would work!

Like most entrepreneurs, seeking to live out their dream, Kurrin faced her share of setbacks:

  • banks not giving her the loans for startup
  • partners not following through
  • not having enough money to get things going on her own
  • having chef's commit, then gone by morning
  • etc

However, NO MORE!!

"19 Paul" is the true manifestation and realization of a dream that seemed so deferred.

It's finally here, open to the public, and with a spin to it.

Kurrin Beamon has been and still is a Chicago Police Officer for 15 years.  Thus, her restaturant has a CPD theme and feel to it, that goes along with it's name "19 Paul"...which is police code for miscellanous activity.

Now here's what's even greater..

Kurrin still works the night shift in the Englewood community.

She gets off work early in the A.M only to take a couple hours nap before she's back up again slow cooking and seasoning the flavor meats she offers.

She is the chef, the owner, the manager, the employee, the everything to her business right now..

And you know what..MORE POWER to her!

As entrepreneurs, we all have to be willing to go all out for what we envision, even if it means sewing the seeds of the one-woman-show until we can attain a staff and other help!

(Kurrin, I am so so proud of you for never giving up.  For staying true to your vision and for doing whatever it takes to make it happen!!)

So here's the deal, if you are in the Chicago area, over by 111th and Vincennes...head on over to "19 Paul", ask for Kurrin, and tell her Tracey sent ya!

Let's keep supporting entrepreneurship..and of course good food!!

Til next time,


P.S. Click here to check out "19 Paul's" awesome BBQ menu!


Ok, so check out my video and photo below to see what I'm up to over the next couple of weeks!

I'll also be adding 5, 1-minute exercises I learned from Shaun T's video on Facebook!

Look out world..Tracey is making a come back :)



Let's Go!


From the desk of Empower Network's founder, Mr. David Wood...

Another Empower Network milestone!

For any company, celebrating success is a big part of increasing productivity, maintaining that success and encouraging team members, affiliates, employees and potential customers. 

The same holds true for Empower Network.

As a company and as individuals we should take the time to celebrate our successes regularly. Success comes in all different forms for many different people.

What you consider success or successful might not be how your neighbor describes success. The way you evaluate success depends on you, and whatever it is, it isn’t wrong. Just be sure you actually celebrate your small wins as well as your BIG wins. 


If you don’t celebrate them, who will?

On to the news…

The news and the recent success that we want to share with you is that Empower Network surpassed the 250,000-customer mark! As you can guess, this is a huge accomplishment, especially with less than three years since founding Empower Network.


We are still in rapid growth mode, and the addition of Jonathan Cronstedt as our CEO, with his expertise in the affiliate marketing industry, is an asset to our affiliates and our company as it continues to grow and we firmly establish ourselves in the industry.


Accomplishments such as these are big deals and we should treat them as such, which is why we wanted to share this news with you.


While other companies continue to struggle in this brutal economy, Empower Network’s growth flourishes with the help of our affiliates and customers.


In case you missed it, in December 2013, we announced that Empower Network reached our 200,000-customer goal, which was just over two years since our founding in October of 2011.


We can’t thank all of you enough for being a part of our family and our successes, as they are your successes, too.


We’re shooting for the 300,000-customer milestone before the end of the year.


Can you help us reach that goal?


Can you help us exceed it?


What milestones do you aim to achieve by the end of the year?

What recent accomplishments and successes are you most proud of and want to share?

Let’s celebrate!


- The EN Team

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