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25 people sponsored in one day? Here’s how.

Michael took two years online to have his first 5 figure month. Then, last week…he sponsored 25 people in ONE day. In fact, this month (November) Michael has already sponsored 172 people, and on this call, he showed everyone how he did it…

How They Did It – Episode 1: Danielle Howell Becomes A BOSS!

“How They Did It!” Episode 1: Danielle Howell Hit’s BOSS..And Tells How She Did It! Check out this video interview to discover how simple it is to start hitting ranks and earning money with Empower Network!

[Video] Jackie Coy Hits “BOSS”- Congrats!

I’m so excited to announce how awesome it is to work with a group of people who are steadfast, who put in the work and who get results!! Today I give a shout out to Jackie Murren-Coy​ (as other Dream Team members) who are hitting ranks that PAY!!!

[Video] 7-Steps To Building A Bigger Team In Network Marketing

What’s the #1 thing a network marketer wants that will ensure his/her residual income? It’s a bigger team! And in today’s post, I wanted to share with you the Keynote I delivered back in June of 2014, in Charlotte, NC, where I go over the 7 steps on how to build a bigger team LIVE!

From Bankruptcy to 7-Figures…Tracey Walker on Blab!

Every now and then, I am asked to be interviewed to share some value within the niches of home-based business, network marketing and entrepreneurship. Recently I was a guest on Matt Dillingham’s Blab show and it was a blast! Check it out here!

New Members Are Never Left Alone

When starting or joining a new business in the direct sales industry, coming aboard as a newbie can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let me show you how WE take the load off to help you get off to a great start and feel excited as you climb your way to the top!

How The Uniline Comp Plan Helps You Make More Money

I put together this semi-detailed video to help you understand the benefits of Empower Networks “Uniline” Structured Compensation Plan and how you stand to make more money with it, than you could in any other type of pay plan.

[Video] 5-Tips To Becoming A Facebook Power User

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you 5 cool tips that you can use with Facebook to help increase engagement, make your time on FB more productive AND have more fun, all at the same time.

How To Be The SuperHero Of Your Life!

If you were like most kids growing up…you looked at super hero’s from the cartoons and had one maybe even 2 who you KNEW you were going to be!! And you know what, I was no different. But then life happened, and I lost sight of those “fairtytale” dreams…