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Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues Ep. 4: Amateurs Don’t Make Professional Money

Everybody wants to be rich..but nobody wants to go through what it takes to get there. So I decided I’d just share a little story with you about how amateurs and professionals handle things totally different..

Components To Sustain Your Online Business Part 1 – Effective Email Marketing

I want you to be able to sustain a long term biz. So the very 1st component that we are going to discuss to help you do that is your email follow-up AKA email marketing.

Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues Ep. 3: Motivation

Before I became a mother, I heard mom’s always speak of how much they were willing to go to then ends of earth and back for their kids. I understood the logic behind, but I never the EMOTIONAL side..until now…

5 Components To A Successful Online Business: Part 5

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have traffic, like that of a busy NYC street, flowing directly to your website? In today’s training I want to talk to you about the coveted area of traffic, something that your business can not live without!

Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues Ep. 2: The Queen’s Speech

In this week’s episode of “Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues”, I tell a story of tapping into your personal power..speaking your world into existence and honoring the calling upon your life.

The Mission Is Underway! 100 Millionaires A Year, Will You Be One Of Them?

The time has come!! This is my official public release of the “#100Millionaires A Year” campaign! What you are about to experience will be transformational, it will be inspirational and it will be entertaining. However, the most important component is that it will take MASSIVE ACTION to achieve.

5 Components To A Successful Online Business: Part 4

Are you truly leveraging a blog to help you build and brand your business? Well in today’s training I want to share with you exactly how to do that as well as monetize your blog in a way that is cool and non-threatening to your market!

5 Components To A Successful Online Business: Part 3

Your offer, in my opinion, is by far the most important component of all five components because the offer is what you are selling. Listen, it really does not matter how good your lead capture page is converting, or how well your auto responder sequence is written and how fabulous it is and how Pulitzer prize winning literature it has inside of it, if people aren’t willing to buy what you have, then you have nothing.

5 Components To A Successful Online Business: Part 2

In my last post I talked about the number one component, your lead capture page so make sure you know why it works, why you need it, and why it benefits you to have one. In this post I will discuss the second component out of the five in reference to having a successful online business and that is your autoresponder.