Have you ever wondered what the wealthy know that you dont?

Or what they do that you aren't doing?

Or what they focus on, that you never knew to consider?

Well today you have the opportunity to learn something that could change the way you view your business if you have one, and your understanding of business if you are wanting to dive into the world of entrepreneurship.

Below is a video that reveals the

11 Guerilla Business Tactics of the Wealthy!

I hope you watch, learn and DO and make your business life that much better!

Click the PLAY buton below to experience this information!

To your massive success,




Good afternoon my friend!

It's that time again...

Where we share inspiration during the mid day hump to give you what you need to keep believing, to keep pushing, to keep working towards the ultimate goal...FREEDOM!

I know that in life, and just day-to-day, we come across negativity, negative people, negative energy and so on that affects us and our spirits.

Sometimes we get down, and other times we are able to brush it off.

So we have the Mid-day Motivtional call setup just for YOU!

Each weekday, at 12pm noon EST..

We deliver that dose..that injection of positivity into your day..halfway through, to help you make it til the end.

We have a lineup of different speakers to minister unto you each day and trust me, no call is the same.

So check out the info in the banner below and make sure you tap in TODAY!!

If for any reason you miss the call live, you can listen to the current day's replay at (760) 569-6099 Enter Access Code - 589046

I want to help you keep the enrgy UP UP UP!!

'Cause as you know...

Money is Energy..

And Money LOVES Speed..

So lets get you rocking and feelin good today and get that energy UP!!!

To your success,


P.S. Mark your calendars..as EACH and EVERY FRIDAY I personally host the call!

So tune in Monday thru Friday..you are guaranteed to walk away from the call feeling like a million bucks :)

If for any reason you miss the call live, you can listen to the current day's replay at (760) 569-6099 Enter Access Code - 589046


From time to time, we come across people who mean a lot in our lives.

We may not realize it at times, but soon we discover the value that they bring to us..

  • Whether its their listening ear
  • Their giving heart
  • Their insight in darkness
  • Or their love when you feel there's none.










(Marc Whitting, myself and my Dad in Orlando- October 2013)


Tonight, I will be sharing a bit more of what I mean on a LIVE Call and the importance of the photo above.

And its gonna be DEEP!!



Empower Hour Call

Monday June 30th

9pm est



In addition, I have a few special guests that will be jumping out to share some nuggets of success and transformation as a result of this past weekend in Charlotte.

If you are unaware, I am an affiliate with Empower Network and we had our most recent company event on June 26-29 in Charlotte, NC where 2,000 screaming and raging entrepreneurs were in attendance.

This was the first event I have attended since the birth of my son, Jasiah (June 5, 2014) and boy let me tell ya..toting him around at 3.5 weeks, nursing and keeping him safe and away from "the elements" was quite challenging, but I am glad we made it happen.


Back to tonight's call..

I'll be sharing some stuff and my special guest will be sharing some stuff too.

Stuff you can use..

Stuff that can actually help you in life and in business.

So make sure you are there with me LIVE:


Empower Hour Call

Monday June 30th

9pm est




See you tonight!


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