From the desk of Empower Network's founder, Mr. David Wood...

Another Empower Network milestone!

For any company, celebrating success is a big part of increasing productivity, maintaining that success and encouraging team members, affiliates, employees and potential customers. 

The same holds true for Empower Network.

As a company and as individuals we should take the time to celebrate our successes regularly. Success comes in all different forms for many different people.

What you consider success or successful might not be how your neighbor describes success. The way you evaluate success depends on you, and whatever it is, it isn’t wrong. Just be sure you actually celebrate your small wins as well as your BIG wins. 


If you don’t celebrate them, who will?

On to the news…

The news and the recent success that we want to share with you is that Empower Network surpassed the 250,000-customer mark! As you can guess, this is a huge accomplishment, especially with less than three years since founding Empower Network.


We are still in rapid growth mode, and the addition of Jonathan Cronstedt as our CEO, with his expertise in the affiliate marketing industry, is an asset to our affiliates and our company as it continues to grow and we firmly establish ourselves in the industry.


Accomplishments such as these are big deals and we should treat them as such, which is why we wanted to share this news with you.


While other companies continue to struggle in this brutal economy, Empower Network’s growth flourishes with the help of our affiliates and customers.


In case you missed it, in December 2013, we announced that Empower Network reached our 200,000-customer goal, which was just over two years since our founding in October of 2011.


We can’t thank all of you enough for being a part of our family and our successes, as they are your successes, too.


We’re shooting for the 300,000-customer milestone before the end of the year.


Can you help us reach that goal?


Can you help us exceed it?


What milestones do you aim to achieve by the end of the year?

What recent accomplishments and successes are you most proud of and want to share?

Let’s celebrate!


- The EN Team


Are you in the home based business industry? Are you an affiliate of a direct sales company, or a rep in a network marketing company?

If you answered yes, this will be the most important post you read!

Deep down inside, you got started because you wanted success. You wanted to quit that 9-5, or you wanted to relieve the financial stresses from your life.

The problem then set in.

You realized that all the top earners in your company that you saw aren't really sharing the truths as to how they got to the top.

Therefore, you keep working, but feeling like you're not getting any further.

But there's good news, I mean REALLY good news.

There's finally a solution for you.

I became a top producer (over $1M earned) in my company in 27 months. Others became top producers in less time and some in a little more time.

However, the point is, we became top producers nonetheless.

And our mentor has put together the blueprint for how you can become a top producer in your company, any company, too.

To get access to this blueprint, I've put together a short video that explains what the blueprint is and where to get it.

You can watch it here.

(If you are ready to become a Top Producer, click here!)

My goal is to help each and every person who desires financial freedom and who starts out in direct sales to achieve it.

So watch the video above, and let's get on the road to helping YOU become a Top Producer


To your success,



I want to ask you a question (or two), and I want you to be totally honest.

How many PERSONAL bank accounts do you have?

In other words, when you get paid from your job, where does that money go?

And when you want to buy something nice for yourself, does that come out of that same account that your paycheck went in to?

What about if you lose some of your income...the money that you have set to bridge the gap until you get money coming in again (if you even HAVE money saved for that)..what account would that come from?

Well here's the deal:

If you are running your life out of 1 doggone account, you're probably doing mental gymnastics all the time about how much you think you have, how much you don't have, what you are going to spend that money on, and if you are going to spend it at all.

And that's a TERRIBLE way to live.

I want to teach you a better way.

I want to reveal to you a method for breaking up your existing funds so that you can live, have peace of mind and never have to guess whether you "have it" or not.

In the audio replay below of the Mid Day call I hosted on Aug 8, 2014, I take the time to expose how my accounts are setup, why they are setup that way, and reveal exactly how you can start to make these changes in your account(s) today!

Please note: No one is breaking your door down to teach you this..why?  Becasue quite frankly, the world could care less if you fail.

However I would be fulfilling my purpose to educate you well enough so that you can succeed!

So listen to the replay below now, and let's get those accounts setup right..TODAY!

To your massive success,


Have you ever wondered what the wealthy know that you dont?

Or what they do that you aren't doing?

Or what they focus on, that you never knew to consider?

Well today you have the opportunity to learn something that could change the way you view your business if you have one, and your understanding of business if you are wanting to dive into the world of entrepreneurship.

Below is a video that reveals the

11 Guerilla Business Tactics of the Wealthy!

I hope you watch, learn and DO and make your business life that much better!

Click the PLAY buton below to experience this information!

To your massive success,



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If for any reason you miss the call live, you can listen to the current day's replay at (760) 569-6099 Enter Access Code - 589046

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