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The Official Dream Team Mid-Day Motivational Call

Have you ever listened to the Dream Team Midday Motivational Call before? If not, then here’s your chance to get that boost of positive inspiration you need, mid-day, to help you keep going!

19 Paul Chicago: A Dream Manifested

What if you knew that 19 Paul Chicago was actually a dream manifested after 20 years? Would it have more meaning to you? Well that’s exactly how I would describe the restaurant that is now known as 19 Paul Chicago!

Iaso Tea Review: The Truth Revealed

Are you looking for an Iaso Tea Review because you are a considering joining the Total Life Changes company and Continue Reading

11 Guerilla Business Tactics of The Wealthy

Have you ever wondered what “underground” or guerilla business tactics the wealthy use that you don’t? Or what they do that you aren’t doing? Or what they focus on, that you never knew to consider? Well if so, then wonder no more…as today is your day!

The Journey to Freedom Docu-Series Is Finally Here!

For quite sometime now, I have wanted to share my journey to freedom with the world and create a documentary-style series that told a story of success, one of victory and one of accomplishment…

What’s Up With This Broke Mindset People Have?

Today…I was just thinking, “what’s up with this broke mindset that people have these days?”

I wonder how many people would pay $25 to have a chance at winning the lottery pot every month…(which statistically has very low chances of 1 person winning)…

My “MTV Cribs” Video of The Tryall Club Bougainvillea Villa in Montego Bay, Jamaica

As a kid growing up, I always wanted to travel, and t had no concept of luxury mansions like the Tryall Club Bougainvillea Villa in Montego Bay, Jamaica! However, it wasn’t until the Dream Team that a REAL international vacation and experience took place in my life.

14 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Quotes

As a woman, Valentines Day has always been good to me, BUT, today I just thought it would be fun to share 14 hilarious Valentines Day Quotes with you that should pump some fun into your day!

3 Lessons I Learned From “Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2″ Movie

Maybe you’re asking “what in the world could she actually learn from “Batman The Dark Night Part 2″ movie?

And if so, let me ask you this…

Have you ever wanted to do something, yet you realized you FEARED doing it, even though you said or thought you didn’t?

Well it took me watching Batman The Dark Night Part 2 for me to honestly recognize that like Batman, I too was guilty of the same self-sabotage.