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You Can’t Think Negatively About It and Get It…

I want to share with you my most recent Periscope (live stream) where I talked about how you can’t think negatively about something you want, and get it. Let me show you how to align with what you want so that you can get it..PERIOD..without working hard!

Are you ready to step up your marketing game?

Are you a network marketer, an internet marketer, an author, hair stylist, artist, chiropractor, etc… And you realize you need to step up your marketing game? Then you are in the right place! Click here to keep reading..

Dionyos Sylvester: My Felony Doesn’t Dictate My Future

Today I was compelled to share with you some of the inside story and the truth about YOURSELF and WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Let that EGO and guard down for just a moment and let me expose you to something that may reveal to you more truth about yourself than ever before.

[Replay] LIVE Q&A on Periscope!

Do you have questions on how to be a better marketer, blogger or entrepreneur? If you’re in the game of online could you NOT!! I recently hosted a LIVE Q&A session on Periscope that was frikken phenomenal!..check it out here!

Have You Seen The Eric Worre-Tony Robbins Interview Yet?

Have you seen the Eric Worre-Tony Robbins interview yet?? OMG..what in the world are you waiting on? Okay, let me brief you on why you need to check this interview out, especially as a home based business entrepreneur (network marketer).

Step 3: How To Foster The ‘Buy-In’

Do you ever wonder if the people on your list are LISTENING to you and what it would take to get them to actually DO SOMETHING?? In this post, I am sharing with you a Periscope training I did recently that reveals to you the exact steps you can take to “Foster The Buy-In” from your list. Check it out now!

Step 2: How To Create Responsiveness Within Your List

If you want to get the people on your list to start taking action with you as opposed to just sitting on your list and being a bump on a log.. You must learn how to create responsiveness with the people on your list. Here are the exact steps to take to accomplish that goal!

Step 1: How To Build A List

Last week, I hosted a training series called “Tracey’s List Love Series: Making Money Online For The Fun Of It”. If you were fortunate enough to join me live on the Periscope training, you know TONS of value came from that. If you missed it, you can find the replay here!

The 3 Things ANY Business Needs To Succeed Online

I decided to SHARE THE LOVE with you, my blog family,¬†from today’s Periscope broadcast on “The 3 Things ANY Business Continue Reading