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Step 2: How To Create Responsiveness Within Your List

If you want to get the people on your list to start taking action with you as opposed to just sitting on your list and being a bump on a log.. You must learn how to create responsiveness with the people on your list. Here are the exact steps to take to accomplish that goal!

Step 1: How To Build A List

Last week, I hosted a training series called “Tracey’s List Love Series: Making Money Online For The Fun Of It”. If you were fortunate enough to join me live on the Periscope training, you know TONS of value came from that. If you missed it, you can find the replay here!

The 3 Things ANY Business Needs To Succeed Online

I decided to SHARE THE LOVE with you, my blog family,¬†from today’s Periscope broadcast on “The 3 Things ANY Business Continue Reading

Kalatu Premium is Coming Soon!

Kalatu Premium is coming soon; the blogging platform designed for professionals to market and promote their products, services, and businesses via the power of organic search traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing!!

Kalatu Premium Review: The New Empower Network Blogging System

If you are checking out this Kalatu’ Premium Review, you’ve probably heard about Kalatu Premium but you’re still wondering whether it can be of benefit to you,right? Well check out this video, I’m going to show you what Kalatu Premium is all about and how it can help you build your brand!

Are You Living Your Personal Legend?

Do you know what your personal legend is? Maybe like you, I didn’t always know exactly what that was either. But eventually I aligned with my purpose and maybe until now, have not fully stated it in this direct way. Check out the video that tells it unfiltered!

1 of My Favorite Procrastination Quotes Of All-Time

Have you ever found yourself looking for some procrastination quotes to help you snap out of it? Well if you’re anything like me, and you’re honest, we all have procrastination thoughts at times. But the key is to push through them and get into action. Check out one of my favorite procrastination quotes of all-time here…

Ouch…this hurts!

Omg…today, I saw a video from my girl Shalonda Gordon and it literally had me glued to the screen! She talks about a concept that ALL of us a online entrepreneurs either have or will experience at some point or click here to check out today’s post featuring her video!

I HATE When I Feel This Way (but not really!)

Have you ever felt like there was TOO much going on? What about feeling like you’re uncomfortable and just want something new and different? Well I decided to share a video with you today on how I am making some changes in my life and how I am dealing with those exact feelings!

Special Video Presentation:

How To Earn An Extra $500-$1,000 Per Week From Home!